I’m learning 3D with Blender 2.8


Hi everyone, I have resumed learning 3D modeling with the new version of blender 2.8. I found a tutorial to learn how to model a guitar the Gibson SG.  See you soon!  🙂

Publication of the manga Elbrasombre

Hello to all!

The publication of the English version will soon resume.
On Patreon initially for the month of August, then on the site and then around September on the various publication sites as tapastic.

Maelice VS Djane

My first steps to create a small #animation. Obviously it’s not perfect because it’s my very first time.” Made with the studio paint clip software. Maelice VS Djane


Greetings to all!
I opened a Patreon for my webcomic Elbrasombre.

Feel free to take a look, there are many advantages. Like a lottery to win goodies every month. Illustrations, sketches etc…

Become a Patron!


Welcome, I had some problems configuring the site, so I had to start all over again. I still have to put the portfolio, the version to read the comic book and the English version and the shop.