Some modifications on the site.

Hi, everybody!

The English version is finally up to date for the site.
The implementation of the manga in pdf reading, the addition of links for social networks in the contact section.

The portfolio also had a small modification.

I still have to publish the chapters 3/4 compared to the French version.

The free online version of the manga will be available here only.
I don’t want to publish on several sites anymore. I lose too much time and I want to privilege my site.

Quite a change for the site.

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve published for the English version of the blog and the manga.

Quite a few things will change, the webcomic version of the site has disappeared, but I plan to make a pdf version online.
Which is already the case for the French version.

I only publish the manga on my site, I’m tired of publishing in 36 places and it makes me lose a lot of time.

So the English version of the site will have a lot of changes.


Elbrasombre in webtoon format

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of update, it’s that I don’t have enough time.I am working on a webtoon and color version. Available on Tapas and webtoon.

Video of an illustration of the character Djane from the manga Elbrasombre

This is an illustration of the character Djane from the manga Elbrasombre.

Video on the creation of a board.

The publication of the pages of the manga Elbrasombre resumes.

Hello everyone, the publication is back on track 🙂



I’m learning 3D with Blender 2.8


Hi everyone, I have resumed learning 3D modeling with the new version of blender 2.8. I found a tutorial to learn how to model a guitar the Gibson SG.  See you soon!  🙂

The lovers

Hello to all!

New illustration that opens a new chapter of manga and webcomic Elbrasombre.

Maelice VS Djane

My first steps to create a small #animation. Obviously it’s not perfect because it’s my very first time.” Made with the studio paint clip software. Maelice VS Djane


Creation in salt paste

Jump to all, today or rather yesterday, I started a sculpture in salt paste.

sculpture in salt paste
flashSG: sculpture in salt paste


Welcome, I had some problems configuring the site, so I had to start all over again. I still have to put the portfolio, the version to read the comic book and the English version and the shop.